Abdul Muhammad

Abdul Muhammad is originally from Afghanistan. His family moved to Islamabad during the Afghan war.  Abdul ‘s father died when he was 3 years old, leaving the family with major financial problems.  Being the eldest son, Abdul started working after his father’s death, to support the family – collecting scrap material.

When Abdul was 5 years old he was admitted to a Pehli Kiran school.  He used to work in the mornings and attend school in the afternoon. Abdul was very intelligent and cleared his primary education through PKS.  He continued his education, finished school, and is now completing his civil engineering degree from SWADISH institute.

Ruqayya Yousuf

Ruqqaya is a confident young girl.  She completed her primary education through PKS, demonstrating talent and enthusiasm not only in academics but in all co-curricular activities at school.

She is now in studying in Class 10 at the Islamabad Model College for Girls. In view of her family’s severe financial problems, Ruqqaya decided to start work to help support her family.  She is currently working as a Nurse in a private Family Clinic in the E -11 sector of Islamabad in the evenings, while continuing with her studies in morning time. She is the first girl in her family to have gained this education. .

Fehmida and Fareeha

These two sisters are originally from Kashmir. Their father, Mr. Qurban, works as a driver in Islamabad.

Fehmeeda is the eldest child, hence, was the first to start studying at a Pehli Kiran school.  After completing her primary education through PKS, she continued her studies at the Islamabad Model College for Girls, where she is currently enrolled in the 10th grade.  She also helps her mother with stitching – which supplements the family income.

Fariha completed her primary education through PKS, and is now in the 9th grade in IMCG. She wants to continue her education further, and has expressed a desire to go to college.  Fatiha was also actively involved in the PKS Girls’ cricket team.

Atta Muhammad

Atta Muhammad is originally from Afghanistan.  He was a very hard working young boy and a brilliant student of PKS. He completed his primary education through PKS and is now enrolled in the 9th grade at the Allama Iqbal Open University.

Hailing from an extremely poor family, Atta realized he needed to supplement the family income.  He had always been interested in cooking and wanted to become a chef.  So he started working at Café Lebalto as an assistant cook. He has learnt a variety of foods, including continental dishes such as Italian Pastas, Alfredo sauce, steaks etc.  He has also learnt some Chinese dishes

Shazia Akhtar

Shazia became a part of PKS in 1998 when she entered Pehli Kiran School No. 2 (PK-2) as a first grader. Her family had recently moved to Islamabad from a village in Kohat and Shazia’s parents and brothers were working to support the family.

It was her mother who had a deep desire for her daughters to attend school and gain an education. Shazia’s mother could not read or write, and she wished that her daughters would be able to support and take care of themselves like she had not been able to. But Shazia’s father was opposed to the idea – if the sons had to work and had never been to school, why should the daughters get to go? But Shazia’s mother persisted and learned from neighbors that there was a good school in the area that was safe, and inexpensive. That school was PK-2, and is where Shazia and her two sisters first got to experience going to school.

After passing class 5 at PKS Shazia went on to complete high school, marry, and have three daughters of her own. After completing her education Shazia and her family returned to Islamabad and to the Pehli Kiran School System. Shazia now teaches Urdu and Social Studies in grades 3 and 5, is supporting herself and her family, and is helping to create the next generation of PKS success stories.