Pehli Kiran Schools U.S. is a 501c3 non-profit whose purpose is to mobilize resources for the Pehli Kiran schools (PKS) operating in Pakistan. It is governed by a 3 member board.

PKS is a project of the JAQ Education Trust, registered in Pakistan since 2000. ‚ÄčThe JAQ Education Trust is governed by an 8 member Board that sets policies and provides direction for school operations in Pakistan.

The President of PKS U.S. and Managing Trustee of the JAQ Education trust is Sabira Qureshi.

Sabira Qureshi, is an international development consultant, with over three decades of professional experience on issues of poverty, gender equality, human and social development. She has worked with the Pakistani public sector, international development agencies, and civil society organizations.

The PKS staff comprises a Manager, supported by a team of Coordinators, who oversee overall school operations and report to the Managing Trustee. Each of the 8 Pehli Kiran schools is led by a Principal and supported by a group of teachers.